Women Empowerment

Welcome to TalentsBrand

Our mission is to empower women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support and the development tools to help women thrive at work and in life.


Our Approach is Simple and Effective


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Talents Brand Free online workshop
TalentsBrand's Mission



We help women to build on their skills and talent to become successful entrepreneurs by identifying key strengths and talents in


them and use this to build own special brand. While we help women develop their confidence and self-esteem to pursue their goals;


this help builds a strong, secure foundation for future, family and therefore contribute to the society and achieve concrete results.

We do this by providing learning resources, organising workshops, events, providing 1-2-1 coaching:


  1. Offer resources and learning materials on different areas of business.

  2. Create workshops/events that will help you overcome obstacles and barriers to starting/growing your business.

  3. Help to discover your identity, purpose and strengths and creating business branding, marketing & sales.

  4. Provide exclusive 1-2-1 support and recommend relevant professional support

  5. Provide clear and measurable targets for continuous achievement

  6. Monthly training sessions and support groups

  7. Provide basic financial guidance, resources and knowledge to raise funds, budgeting / financial planning.

  8. Provide step-by-step practical guidance and planning sessions for achieving goals

  9. Help make practical and immediately implementable plans in workshops

  10. Provide personalised event management service, both corporate & private.


Who can benefit from TalentsBrand

  1. Full-time employees wanting to develop own business

  2. People who are confused about life generally and need direction

  3. Ladies on maternity leave and stay-at-home mums

  4. Individuals with unstable career conditions or lack of progression

  5. Anyone who has already started a business and want more support

  6. Someone who wants to get away from the 9-5 routine