TalentsBrand believes that business should help to solve the worlds problems, and have a lasting positive impact on society, the economy and the planet. TalentsBrand offers business coaching and consultancy to women entrepreneurs and start-up with a tailored services to suit your circumstance from face to face and virtual business meetings, online training offering growth strategies to support you as much as you need.

We have collaborated with many leaders and business owners. Hear what our clients says about our programmes……

"I’ve been attending TalentsBrand Business Live Class up to 4 times now, and I am 2 months into my business development 1-2-1 coaching programme. It’s been amazing and very encouraging journey. I never thought I could bring my dream business to reality so quickly because I wasn’t clear about the kind of business, I could start apart from my nursing career.


Favour has been more than an inspiring and a driving force behind my new lease of confident and entrepreneurial spirit.This has enabled me to achieve beyond my dreams a business ready to be launched in a few months.The change of mindset through Favour’s self- identity workshop was a game-changer for me. I had initially thought it would take me years to start a business of my own, but in less than 2 months, I have been able to create a kind of business that replicate me.


My brand perspective is very cleared, and mostly Favour has helped me build my confidence and I am enjoying my new business.I just want to say thank you to Talentsbrand for helping me reach my goals in a short period. I will encourage anyone who is looking to bring the best out of them not to wait for the perfect time. Start now, and you will be surprised at what is available for you. I will also recommend TalentsBrand to any woman who is looking to bring the best out of them."

- Harriet Norman

"I attended TalentsBrand online live class about Business Opportunities and Growth in Uncertainty Periods. The session was about Confident Building in Presenting your Product/Services.


Before today, I wasn’t sure of the progress of my business because of the recent change in the economy due to the pandemic with the fear of the unknown but now I know, I need to be strong, believe in my dream and learn to understand what my customers want while I work towards becoming an expert in my business field.   Sometimes, it is challenging for me to sell products with many competitors around and now I have realised even with the competitors around; I can still scale in my business if I can create a brand that stands out and focus in delivering values to my customers. I also learnt not to wait for the perfect time.

The most useful part for me was the topic- Five Main Fear in Life because the Guest Speaker-Sue Curr made it clear that absolute commitment, believing in oneself and persistence can make me grow in my business. Now, I will never fear changes in the business. I am determined to be consistence and persistent in whatever I do.

I want to say a big thank you to Talentsbrand for encouraging me."

- Adefunke Daniel

I attended Driving “Your Own Purpose” an online course. I found every bit of the course useful. Mostly, all the activities that were carried out during the course. I am glad I am able to create a NEW ME in the course which has provided tools to be able to create the new ME.

I really love the course. I now know how to evaluate my time and also, the importance and method of clarifying values

Thank you Talentsbrand for such a self-focused workshop on how to manage ourselves to live a fulfilling life. I look forward to signing up for the Self-Identity course.

 - Alberta Minta-Jacobs

"I attended TalentsBrand online class about Stress Management – Building Confidence in Presenting your Products and Services

The session was quite informative and interesting. Before today, I wasn’t sure about how to introduce myself and my business, but now I know how to do this within 60 seconds and use that information as a marketing tool on social media.

Sometimes, it is challenging for me to persuade my customers to pay the right price for my services but now I have realised that I need to target my marketing to the right audience. The most useful part for me was gaining confidence in promoting my business because I was often too easily persuaded to lower my prices to secure the business. Now, I will present my business in a way that makes it valuable to the prospective customer as a solution to their problems based on today’s training

I am determined to add more value to my business and improve my marketing skills to attract the right customer. I just want to say thank you for a fascinating and eye-opening session."



- Ayo Tikare

"Having collaborated with TalentsBrand and the founder Favour in multiple ways for a few years now, I know how brilliant they are in supporting leaders and businesses to grow. I’ve attended many TalentsBrand workshops and webinars, and they provide excellent support and development to build businesses and have confidence and clarity in your purpose and talent.


Favour is very motivational and makes sure that you become the successful leader you want to be, and her honesty, encouragement and advice has greatly helped me to grow. If you are ready to grow yourself and your business, even push yourself out of the comfort zone, I would absolutely recommend getting in touch with Favour and TalentsBrand."


- Susanne Virtanen

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