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We provide:

  • 121 Coaching

  • Online Courses

  • Events & Workshops

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* Offer resources and learning materials on different areas of business.


* Create workshops/events that will help you overcome obstacles and barriers to starting / growing your business.

* Help to discover your identity, purpose, strengths and creating business branding and growth.

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* Provide exclusive 1-2-1 personal coaching and recommend relevant professional support for personal and business growth.

* Provide clear and measurable targets for continuous achievement


* Provide basic financial guidance, resources and knowledge to raise funds, budgeting / financial planning.

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* Monthly training sessions and support groups

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Working with the local community to promote different projects through our engagement forum aims at supporting everyone within the community in the area of employability and self-sustenance

* Help make practical and immediately implementable plans in workshops

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* Provide personalised event management service, both corporate & private.

Let's Discuss Your Plans

If you are looking to advance your career and business and would like to discuss your options, you can now schedule a 30-minute free consultation call with Favour, the director of TalentsBrand.