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1-2-1 Coaching that Really Works

Get our 1-2-1 personalised coaching tailored for your career and business objectives.

Get practical hands-on support on how you can implement the same strategies that have worked for us over the years and have continued to produce results for many of our clients.

Here's what you get:

- Work with a coach to refine your idea into a marketable product and service.

- Structure your business for growth and fast turn-over

- Learn the strategies for growing your business online and offline, including support for business branding, recruiting online, product packaging, and creating attractive offers that you can sell profitably via direct sales or eCommerce.

- Strategies to win new clients and retain existing ones

- Learn how to create a setup that allows your business to run smoothly on autopilot with only a minimal direct contribution from you.

This is particularly good for business owners engaged in several kinds of companies or people with full-time employment in addition to their business.

- Learn from a coach who's there to guide you every step of the way

- Become a part of our fast-growing online community

1-2-1 coaching

Building a successful business model isn’t about changing your company based on every bit of customer feedback: It’s about understanding whom to listen to and why

Online Courses On-demand to Help You Grow and Scale Your Business Successfully

We have curated a list of the most relevant courses on essential topics that you will need to launch your business from scratch and get going or grow your existing business.

These courses and tutorials will save you hours of time searching for what you need and help you gain clarity on relevant businesses topics, including:

  • Self-Identity Online Course - Define your ideal self, explore your identity and find your purpose.

  • Passion to Business Online Course - Choose a passion, find your niche market, launch your business.

  • Creating and launching an online course - Learn what online classes are, decide which course  to create, decide how you’ll promote your course, create your course.

  • Creating Authentic Personal Branding & Business Strategy - Research your field, be honest about who you are, link your skills to the market's needs, promote your uniqueness.

  • Women leadership - Think like a leader, act like a leader, soften your image, work hard!

If you want to create, If you're going to sell, If you want to make money online, these courses will guide you step-by-step on how to set up and get going, the same steps we and all our clients have used to achieve great results.

Online courses

Don't sit and wait for opportunities to come; get up and make them.



Our proprietary platform is designed to provide you with all the resources you need to start, grow and sustain your business in the most efficient way.

Get started with FREE PDF materials, documents and templates, SOPs, live video demonstrations and real-life case studies; save time and money by leveraging the Talents Academy platform to grow your business.

Take the game further by subscribing to a paired mentorship, weekly and monthly recurring workshops, events, and programs  - all designed to give you just everything you need to succeed in business while taking away the fluff and myths.

Talents Academy
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