TalentsBrand is about bringing women together to bring the best out of them and helping them achieve their true purpose. We help women to build on their skills and talent to become successful entrepreneurs, and we do this by providing resources, organising workshops, online training and providing 1-2-1 training and support.

About Favour - Director of TalentsBrand

Favour Onabanjo is the founder and a director at TalentsBrand. Our vision is to help women to break free from any barriers to reaching their goals and dreams – to achieve their true purpose. She is passionate about bringing women together to learn, network and grow. We organises events and workshops in London and Southeast areas that help women build the skills and confidence to succeed in their lives and business.


"I'd like to tell you a little bit about myself and TalentsBrand. My name is Favour Onabanjo. I am a graduate of Banking and Finance, full-time worker, a mum, a student (Part qualify Accountant), and an entrepreneur. I was born into business. Even though, I have always like to do a white-collar job as a child because I love looking great and prestigious; there is something in me that always wanting to create something new and unique. I love the feeling of creating something new everyday, or learning a new skill, or just being in charge of my own day. I love seeing the business grow. And, again, it’s not just the money – think of it like watching a flower you planted grow… there’s something deeply satisfying there – for me – at least.

“Don’t even think of the final destination yet”.. just enjoy that you’re going somewhere and it’s under your control. Having had several businesses in the past, I have come to realise that there are several barriers of becoming a successful entrepreneur when the right support is not available.

I owned my first retail outlet at the age of 24 while I was in Africa with a capital of about £50K and from 3 members of staff to 5. Everything was going on well until when I had to relocate to the UK to join my husband in 2008. I have since then tried so many kinds of business through words of mouth and referral but most of these businesses didn’t bring any joy.


It took me time to realise that I was focusing on the wrong choices of business and forgetting my passion, my strength and interest. I also found out that those businesses failed because of improper planning, failure to research on the product and most importantly, not having a mentor or a coach who believe in my goals and ready to support me all the way. Business development is part of the process. Not the end goal. Strategising and planning towards business is part of the process of taking control of own destination."