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Come for coaching stay for community - Enjoy exclusive access to our global talent pool of business owners and career professionals, turning their ideas into valuable brands, scaling their growth, crushing their goals, getting results, fulfilling their dreams, building legacies and creating an impact in the society.

Our members know what they want and are willing to go for it, this is the spirit of the BIG Circle - people making progress everyday through shared accountability, support, encouragement, collaboration and networking.

Stop wasting time trying to do it all on your own, business is about people and connections, you’re not meant to walk alone. Be smart and learn from the experience of others who have gone ahead of you.

Actively get help from other members who were once at the point you are now and are more than willing to help you fix things faster and easier than they did, think of it like the rare case of a ‘Late Mover’s Advantage’- one of the many great benefits you will have joining this group.

It’s our job to test all the tactics (On our business and client businesses) then teach you exactly what works, plus you can start your journey to building a trusted network of suppliers, retailers, distributors or partnership to expand your business beyond your national borders.

plus you get the following added bonuses

  • Access both live-coaching style and relevant business information on demand from a single point to guide your decision making and business strategy.

  • Participate in our live sessions, twice a month and gain live support and help on your business challenge plus you get to access high value productivity tools to build your business.

  • No neck-breaking pace and certainly no bank-breaking budgets, for nearly 5x less than the cost of a football game, you get to access and leverage our proprietary platform to grow your influence and to succeed in business.


BIG is a member's by subscription and application, a unique business platform for ambitious business leaders whose goal is to increase their business performance by networking, sharing innovative ideas and research, building a supportive peer community and using the BIG resources to improve their individual effectiveness.!

We want to ensure that we are the right fit for you and your business. Check if you meet our criteria below.