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FOUNDER, TalentsBrand

I started business at the age of 21, three years after doing business on the street; I was able to open my first retail outlet in Nigeria.


2008 came and I had to relocate to the UK with my husband. I never anticipated the changes that would come in the years to follow. Like most people, I picked up a full-time job alongside my side business that I was working to setup


6 years down the line, none of the businesses I started in the UK was working, and trust me; I tried quite a handful of them. With 3 beautiful kids, working on a full-time job, and trying to set up my business was almost becoming mission impossible - but this was before I met my mentor and business coach.


With a mentor, my business started to thrive, with clients coming from within and outside the UK; I was able to prioritise and track my progress. I learned how to outsource the boring parts of my day-to-day operations and put several aspects of the business on autopilot.


My mentor listened to me; she took the time to understand my struggles from our interaction and the information I gave her; she developed a strategy that turned my business around. This life-changing encounter profoundly impacted my life and informed my passion for helping other business owners achieve the same results in their businesses and careers.   


The support and mentorship from my coach saved me time and money and gave me the opportunity to take back control of my life and to pursue other ambitions, such as my ACCA qualification here in the UK...


I created TalentsBrand from the understanding that many business owners need help. From starting up to scaling and growing my business, I understand what works and what isn't working; my success has also inspired me to help other business professionals achieve success in their businesses by replication the strategies that have proven to work for me and many other students entrepreneurs and business owners under the TalentsBrand coaching.

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